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Custom Hydraulic Equipment

and Turnkey Press Lines

Image of a custom hydraulic press lineEMEC's manufacturing equipment is designed and produced in-house, using only the best components and materials. Our expertise in custom hydraulic press and equipment building assures superior performance. More>

PLC's and Touch Screens

EMEC can incorporate the use of plc's, touch screens and other advanced technology components to provide the most operator friendly equipment available. With these options, we can provide statistical information and self-diagnostics as well.

EMEC's equipment utilizes the latest technologies in safety too. All of our equipment meets or exceeds all safety requirements. Safety is always our highest priority.

EMEC can take care of all your manufacturing equipment needs whether it is a 4-post vertical or horizontal hydraulic press, a multiple station press, rotary trimmer, pierce dies or something totally custom.

Power Units and Controls

EMEC can provide you with hydraulic power units and control panels for your projects.

All of our power units are designed with the maintenance personnel in mind. Components are arranged for easy access. 4-bolt flanges and SAE o-ring fittings are utilized to reduce leaks. They can be built with JIC standard tanks or completely custom tanks. Power units can be custom built ranging from a single 1-hp motor to multiple 100+ hp units.

Our control panels are among the cleanest in the industry. All diagrams and panel layouts are designed to make trouble shooting as simple as possible. Extra space can be provided for your future expansions. All panels meet or exceed NEC standards using only UL and IEC listed devices. EMEC has extensive experience in programming of plc's, touch screens and operator interfaces as well.

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